Bingle Car Insurance

Bingle Car Insurance is probably the only car insurer in Australia that offers only one car insurance product: comprehensive car insurance policy.

Bingle Car Insurance is one of the new players in car insurance industries in Australia. Bingle Car Insurance policies are underwritten by one of the largest car insurance group in Australia, the Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited or AAMI.

Bingle Car Insurance: A Closer Look

Unlike other car insurers that carry a variety of car insurance products, Bingle Car Insurance has only one product to its name - the comprehensive car insurance. Aside from this unique feature, Bingle Car Insurance is only available online. It has no call centres or branches that you can go and visit. When making a claim, you just have to login on the Bingle Car Insurance's website and state your claim. With this cost cutting strategy, Bingle Car Insurance offers highly competitive insurance premium.

Bingle Car Insurance: A Single Car Insurance Product Insurer

Bingle Car Insurance offers only comprehensive car insurance policy at the lowest price possible. Under Bingle Car Insurance's comprehensive car insurance, your car is covered for any damage resulting from an accident or in the event of theft. The Bingle Car Insurance policy also covers the damages to other people's property caused by your car.

Together with Bingle Car Insurance comprehensive car insurance policy are some perks that you can take advantage of. For instance, Bingle Car Insurance covers drivers of your car who are pregnant or have medical conditions provided that they did not get any medical advice that they refrain from driving.

Learner drivers are also covered under Bingle Car Insurance's comprehensive car insurance policy subject to certain conditions. Bingle Car Insurance only covers a learner driver who is accompanied by a licenced driver is listed on the policy. Bingle Car Insurance also covers off-road driving but doesn't extend to competition circuit driving.